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Notice for Authentication
2019-04-11 18:41

1.Introduction to Authentication

In line with international practice and consular practice in China, the purpose of consular Authentication is to ensure that notarial deeds issued in one country can be acknowledged by relevant authorities in another country, and the deeds can have its due legal effect, which shall not be affected by doubts on the authenticity of the seal or signature on the deeds.

The Chinese Embassy is responsible for authenticate notarial deeds and other documents that have been duly authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria. All notarial deeds and other documents issued in Nigeria need to be authenticated for intended use in China.

2. Authentication Procedures

For all the official documents, such as birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and certificate of incorporation, as well as individual documents, such as power of attorney, affidavit, business letters, etc, have your document notarized by a local notary public, and then have your document authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria and then submit the Authentication document to Chinese Embassy in Nigeria for authentication .


(1) Please make sure you have followed all the steps required for authentication before submitting your document to the Chinese Embassy for final attestation.

(2) Your document must be authentic, intact and legitimate. The Embassy will NOT authenticate a document that contains illegal contents under Chinese laws or may cause potential threats to China's national or public interests.

(3) A document containing two or more pages must be bound properly and securely to ensure the integrity of the document. The Embassy will NOT authenticate a document if it is found illegitimate, or in any way forged, counterfeited, fraudulent or altered.

(4) Documents regarding marital status, health status, or criminal records are only valid for six months from the date of issuance. The Embassy will NOT authenticate a document if it becomes invalid.

4, Documents to be Submitted

(1) One duly completed and signed Authentication Application Form.

(2) Submit the document to be attested, both the original and a complete set of photocopy.

(3) For individual documents, please provide one passport copy of the applicant; for corporate documents, please provide a cover letter and one passport copy of the legal representative of the company and proof of ownership such as certificate of incorporation.

(4) If your application is submitted by an agent, please include one copy of the agents' passport or CAC copy.

(5) Other supporting documents a consular officer may request.

5, Application Fee (Unit: Naira ) and Processing Time

(1) Application Fee:

i. Chinese Citizen:

Civil Document, 2800/per document;

Commercial Document, 5600/per document

ii. Nigerian and Foreign Citizen:

Civil Document, 8400/per document;

Commercial Document,16800/per document

(2)Processing Time:

i. Regular processing time is 4 working days.(for example, apply on Monday morning and pick up on Thursday morning.)

ii.Time for submitting application: 15:30 - 17:00, Tuesday & Thursday

 Time for collection: 10:00 - 12:00, Tuesday & Thursday

iii. Pay fees when collecting.

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