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Requirements for the Health Code Application for Foreign Passengers to China (Updated on 29th June, 2022)
2022-06-30 01:38

The following are the latest requirements for the Health Code application for foreign passengers to China, which will start from 29th June 2022 (included) .

1.All passengers taking a flight from Nigeria to China can apply for the Health Code. As the international airports in Nigeria do not have the facilities or equipment for nucleic acid tests, the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos do not accept applications from passengers who take a flight transfer in any Nigerian international airport without entering Nigeria on their journey to China. 

   Passengers departing from Nigeria are required to take TWO Covid-19 nucleic acid tests in two different Covid-19 testing institutions with two different reagents before boarding. The first nucleic acid test is required to be taken within 48 hours before departure from Nigeria. The second test should be taken within 24 hours before boarding, with a 24-hour interval after the first test. 

2. The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and the Consulate General in Lagos do not designate nucleic acid institution. Any legitimate nucleic acid report from the nucleic acid institution approved by the Nigerian government is acceptable.

3. All passengers overseas must apply for the Health Code before leaving for China. 

4. There is no limitation on the route or times of transfer of the flight.

5. Passengers with a Covid-19 infection record or a positive nucleic acid test result should truthfully report their infection history and test results to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General, and go through the following procedures while applying for the Health Code:

(1) Complete two nucleic acid tests at intervals of more than 24 hours from two different nucleic acid institutions approved by the Nigerian government, before sending the negative results to consulate_nga@mfa.gov.cn (leaving from Abuja,Kano) or consulate12308@gmail.com (leaving from Lagos, Port Harcourt).

(2) Apply for the Health Code after following the above-mentioned procedures and 14 days after recovery (starting from the specimen-collection date of the latest negative test report). 

(3) Monitor personal health conditions for 14 days and fill the Personal Health Monitoring Form.

6. Submit  the application on https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/, upload soft copies of the following materials: 

(1) All nucleic acid test results; 

(2) Passport data page;

(3) Chinese VISA page; 

    (4) Travel itinerary from Nigeria to China; 

(5) Photos of the applicant being collected the specimen; 

     (6) Personal Health Monitoring Form, which is only for passengers with a Covid-19 infection record or positive result of nucleic acid test.

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