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Notice on the Updated Requirements for the Health Code Applications for All China-bound Passengers
2021-09-15 05:43

In view of the serious global pandemic situation of Covid-19, from 4th September 2021, the requirements fora green Health Code with “HS” mark or a green Health Declaration Certificate with “HDC” markfor China-bound passengersfrom Nigeria are updatedas follows:

1.Passengers departing from Nigeriaare required to take two Covid-19 nucleic acid tests and one antibody test (IgM & IgG) before boarding.

(1)The first nucleic acid test is required 7 days prior to the date of departure from Nigeria. For example, if the departure is on a Tuesday, the test needs to be taken on the Tuesday of the previous week.

(2)The second nucleic acid test and the antibody test should be taken within 48 hours before boarding.

All the tests must be done at the medical institutions designated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Nigeria and the two nucleic acid tests must be taken in two different institutions.

2.Passengers must conduct self-quarantine and personal health monitoring before boarding.

Passengers with thenegative result of the first nucleic acid test must monitor their personal health status and fill outtruthfully the 7-day Personal Health Monitoring Form(attached at the end of this notice) , sign and date the filled formand upload it together with other documents required for the application.

3.Passengers with a history of Covid-19 infection are required to apply for the Health Code at least 3 months after full recovery.

Passengers with a Covid-19 infection record or one positive result of nucleic acid test, IgM or IgGantibody test(positive antibody result caused by vaccination is not included) should truthfully report their infection history and test results to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, and go through the following procedures while applying for the Health Code:

(1)Provide medical certificates including Chest CT or X-ray reports (The certificates must indicate that there is no abnormality in the lungs or the person has fully recovered from Covid-19) issued by a legally registeredmedical institutions together with two negative nucleic acid test reports at intervals of more than 24 hours from the institutions designated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

(2)After completing the above-mentioned procedures and 3 months after recovery (90 days, starting from the specimen-collection date of the latest test report), passengers shouldfulfill the requirements in 1 and 2 for the Health Code.


(1)Please apply to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate for the Health Code based on the consular district of the place of testing (attached at the end of this notice)and departure .

(2)The documents needed for applying for the Health Code are as follows:

a.Negative certificates of two nucleic acid tests and one antibody test;

b.Signed and dated Personal Health Monitoring Form;

c.Air travel itinerary;

d.Photo of the applicant showing passport data page;

e.Photo of the applicant being collected the specimen;

f.Valid Chinese visa orresidential permit (only for foreign nationals);

g.Chest CT or X-ray reports and two negative nucleic acid test reports with morethan24-hour intervals (only for thosewith Covid-19 infection record);

h.The vaccination certificate with theapplicant’s name, gender, date of birthas well as the brandof the vaccine, the date and place of the first and second dose of vaccination, signature of the doctor or stamp of the medical institutions (only for Chinese nationals and diplomats whose IgM or IgG test results are positive due to vaccination and foreign nationals who were fully vaccinated with Chinese vaccines).

(3)Chinese nationals need to apply for the Health Code through the WeChat Health Code App while foreign nationals applyonline (https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/) through the computer.

(4)The Health Codes are only issued to the passengers with one stopover from Nigeria.

(5)Transiting via a third country or region is subject to the regulations of the relevant country or region where the procedures for Health Code issuance may be different. Please check with the relevant airlines or authorities for further details.

(6)Falsified certificates of the tests or vaccination will result in the failure of obtaining the Health Code and the punishment of the applicants in accordance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations.


Attachment 1:Personal Health Monitoring Form

Attachment 2:Designated Testing Institutions in Nigeria


                                                                                                                                  Embassy of China in Nigeria

                                                                                                                                  Consulate-General of China in Lagos

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