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“Nigeria - China Harmony & Symphony” Photography Contest Announcement
2022-09-02 23:07

Culture is the foundation of national development and the driving force of social progress. Both Nigeria and China are cultural giants with a long history. Traditional culture plays an important role in the historical process of their national independence and revitalization. As good friends, good brothers and good partners, both countries not only cherish the concept of Harmony due to their important traditional value in facilitating personal growth and country's development, but also enjoy their good relationship through performing Nigeria-China Symphony (here Symphony is metaphorical win-win cooperation between China and Nigeria).  

2022 marks the 51st Anniversary of the establishment of bilateral ties between China and Nigeria. To better display the cooperative results and close relationship between the two countries, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nigeria is going to hold “Nigeria-China Harmony & Symphony” Photography Contest from September 2 to 20, 2022. Come and join us from now on! 

The details for the photography contest are as follows:

1. Participants/Competitors

The contest is open to all Nigerian nationals, including students from local universities and secondary schools and the Chinese nationals living and working in Nigeria for more than 3 months. The participation is free for all.

2. Submission Requirements 

a. The works require originality. Photos that you submit must be taken by yourself. All legal issues concerning the copyright, portraiture right and reputation right of any submission shall be settled and responsible by the photographers yourselves.

b. Mobile phone or camera photosare both accepted. The themes must be positive and related to one of the 3 aspects: nature& landscape, humanity & culture, and China-Nigeria friendship.

c. Single photo and set of photos are both acceptable. The entriesper person should not be more than five single photos or sets in total ( each set should not be more than 4 pieces).

d.All entries should be sent to this email address: abuja@chinaculture.org in the form of an electronic file (JPG format, 1-10MB) before Sept 20th, 2022. Each photo should have its caption/description (title of work + photographer’s Name + contact number). Once you have submitted the photos, the Organizing Committee of the Photo Contest will own the rights to use these photos. However, any other people or organizations who use them for commercial purpose should get the photographer’s permission and a certain amount of fee (the exact amount can be negotiated) should be paid.


The Contest is divided into three (3) Categories: Nature& Landscape, Humanity & Culture, and China-Nigeria Friendship. Each category will have 1special prize, 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 10 third prizes. Laptops, Huawei smart phones and bluetooth speakers (or cash of equal value) will be presented as the special, first, second and third prizes respectively. In addition, 10 consolation prizes of each category will be given to recognize our participants’ efforts and talents. All the winners will be invited through his or her phone number to attend the Awarding Ceremony later this month and receive his or her prize and certificate. 

Please note that each winner is not allowed to receive repeated awards and only receive the highest award among his awarded works so that more photographers will have their chances to win. But the rest of his or her awarded works can be allowed to participate in the exhibitions or be used in the album.

Take the precious chance and win your grand prizes! Whether you are a veteran photographer, or an amateur photographer, act now and take photos to not only showcase Nigerian vast and beautiful landscape, colorful and diversified arts and culture, simple and unadorned daily life, honest and friendly people, but also display the fruitful results of  cultural exchanges and economical cooperation between China and Nigeria, especially demonstrate our two countries’ resilience and strength of solidarity in building a shared brighter future! 

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